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About Bonnie:

Discovery is the spirit of my paintings. The way I create my paintings is similar to that of an archeologist. There is an essence of discovery within every layer that I add, take away, and reassemble. The work itself resembles an artifact; revealing something new within each layer. Just as an archeologist finds fragments of an object in the layers of the earth, each layer of my painting provides me with a hint of what the next step will be in my process.

Referring to landscapes, ancient maps, hieroglyphs, typography, geology, and cultural writings, I create my paintings by layering the paper for texture, and then add washes and linear elements to create an abstract landscape. When I add earth tones and lines more is revealed, which opens doors to new possibilities. I take away by sanding or covering with transparent washes, allowing the under painting to show through. I create abstract paintings to convey the essence of an object or landscape that represents the way something feels when I look at it - its energy field. Painting is my form of communication, a way to make better sense of the chaotic world around me.

Bonnie Gravette

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